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My Ideal Purpose

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finding meaning in helping others is really finding meaning in other’s tragedies.  It is finding meaning in being in a superior enough position to help.  And it depends on willing victims.  To imagine a world where everyone was just fine and dandy coupled with a world where everyone could only find meaning in helping others is to imagine tragedy on an epic scale.  Entire populations scouring the world for the one selfish person not looking to help others, but instead looking to be helped.  What a valuable commodity he would suddenly be.  That in fact is my goal in life, my pallid attempt at meaning – to be the one guy everyone wants to help.  Think of all the good I’ll do, think of all the meaning I’ll spread, like a Johnny Appleseed sowing the seeds of purpose.

Yes, I'll have a mocha latte with my foot rub, and thanks for painting the house, it looks grand.



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