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A Clever Plan

Friday, February 3, 2012

The default meanings in American life are money and God.  (In France they are food and sex, which is why Paris is a better travel destination than Cleveland.)  But money is only ever an interim meaning.  Those who worship money know that the time will come when they will replace money with God, and feel so very virtuous for doing so.  "My youth of carousing, my youth of wine and song and fame, my youth of high living and low sex, my youth of fantastical adventures and brilliant parties was so misspent.  What a fool I was, when all along I could have been wandering the slums of Calcutta, helping the impoverished."  But it’s a pretty decent trade-off, don’t you think, money until the edge of death and then true piety born of fear?

I’m only disappointed that everyone else thought of it first.



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