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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

God is a puzzling answer to the question of meaning.  It is the simplest, the most inevitable answer, but what does it tell us?  Is God’s mere existence enough to sate our existential yearnings, like a parent's mere presence gives meaning to a child, or vice-versa.  Because anything more requires intermediaries, a book, a priest, a culture to provide the meat of it.  What is our meaning?  To obey God?  To serve God?  To spread God’s word?  To support God with our donations?  It all seems not quite right.  To find meaning in God is like finding meaning in the mountain.  It exists, it preceded us and will survive us, it dwarfs us, we are mere pebbles in its shadow.  It might even love us.  Okay, now what?

What does it mean to serve the mountain?  Just ask the Sierra Club.  They'll guide us up the mountain's trails, they'll preach about the mountain's perfection, they'll weep at the beauty of its flanks and press upon us their pamphlets about all they're doing to save the mountain.  And yes, they'll ask us to sign their petitions and support their efforts with donations.  They'll tell us to give till it hurts and their sincerity will be like a hammer beating us into submission.   But take away their words and their books and what do we have?  A silent pile of stone is what we have.  And we're the chain gang.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. 


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