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On The Road

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I've got a new book coming out in May called THE ACCOUNTING, which I'll talk about later, but I have a few events coming up where I'll be talking about it and some other topics.

(1) On March 13, I'll be speaking at the University of Pennsylvania on a Continuing Medical Education panel entitled "The Detective Novel and the Search for Forbidden Meaning."  I'll be talking a little bit about Dashiell Hammett, his novel RED HARVEST, and the Flitcraft case from THE MALTESE FALCON.  There will also be a psychiatrist and a literature professor on the panel.  Should be interesting.  I'm hoping to learn something.  That will be at Cohen Hall, Room 402, 249 S. 36th Street from 7:00 to 9:00.

(2) On March 20, I'll be reading from the new book and talking about writing at the Chestnut Hill Hotel, 8229 Germantown Ave. in Philadelphia, starting at 7:00.  I'll of course be taking questions; hilarity will ensue.  And if not hilarity, then certainly wine and cheese.

Hope to see some of you out there.