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A FILTHY BUSINESS - Kindle in Motion

Friday, April 28, 2017

Just a quick note about the new book, A FILTHY BUSINESS.

The book has been coolly illustrated with videos and photographs by a smoking production company in Seattle.  You can read it without the illustrations if you choose, but if you read your Kindles on an iPad or a Kindle Fire or any other tablet or computer, including your phone, you can turn on the Kindle in Motion and get the illustrations for no extra charge.

I was involved in working with the production company every step of the way. The key, I thought, was to enhance the story instead of pulling the reader away from the story, and I think the stuff in this book does just that.  There is no sound in the videos, which would be distracting, but, for example, when Phil talks about a wild drug fueled orgy, the left margin of the page shows a stream of pills and joints falling in an endless loop, which gives a nice hallucinatory sense to the words.

There is one moment in the book when Phil discusses his grandfather's death and he remembers eating ice cream and watching cartoons on television and being perfectly happy even though his grandfather had just died because, well, because he was eating ice cream and watching cartoons.  As he relays this we see a little video of a bowl of ice cream set on a tray before a television spooling a little cartoon. That's my favorite image in the book and the video slays whenever I see it.

So there it is.  Give it a shot and let me know if you think the illustrations enhanced the experience of the book.




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Blogger Regina Litman said...

Alas, I will be reading a "real book" from a library, unless (1) OverDrive and Thomas & Mercer/Amazon strike an ebook deal and (2) at least one of the several library systems with which I have a library card adds it to their collections. This includes the 5 counties in Southeast Pennsylvania.

I am two years behind on your books. I finally got "Guaranteed Heroes" from the library (Upper Dublin) 3 1/2 weeks ago. One renewal later, I'm still struggling through it, with slightly more than 100 pages to go. Some time in September, I'll probably find time for "The Four-Night Run". At least Abington has this one. None of the libraries in Montgomery or Bucks County has "A Filthy Business" in book form yet, although one Montgomery library has it in audio, which I don't do. Philadelphia has two copies, both currently checked out, but one belongs to the Welsh Road Branch, which is easy for me to get to and, rare for a Philadelphia library, has a free parking lot. Maybe I'll get to it by the end of the year.

August 7, 2017 at 11:23 PM  
Blogger Regina Litman said...

I got a few Amazon gift cards as prizes for contests at work, and then as gifts after I retired from said job, so I’ve bought a few e-books for my iPad Kindle app, including “A Filthy Business”. I finally started it this week. I often read ebooks while listening to YouTube playlists of oldies music on my iPad when I go to the fitness center. (YouTube Red allows me to do this.) But when I turn to a page with a Kindle in Motion picture, the YouTube music stops, and I have to go back to that app and unpause it. And then when I get to the next page with a picture, the same thing happens. I enjoy the pictures, so I don’t want to turn them off. But if this is the wave of the future, I hope that YouTube and/or Amazon can adapt.

May 10, 2018 at 12:18 AM  
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